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It's a shame Sarge couldn't be here.

He would have really enjoyed the fireworks.
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So. Do I still have a job or something? Is it just me or have a lot of people suddenly gone missing. Hello? Don't leave me alone here with the junk food junkie! 

I told you the Puma shoes don't count, Grif.

Sarge? Doc? Command? Anyone? Seriously, at this point I'd even welcome a message from Donut or Lopez. COME IN LOPEZ. Que...est something....Queso...

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Work's been kind of quiet lately. What's up with that? Not that I'm complaining or anything, just... what the fuck man.

Hey Grif, got another message from HQ. They say shoes don't count. Sorry. I tried to reason with them but they said it definitely has to be a real live puma.


I can NOT believe he is falling for this. Sarge would be so proud, I can feel it. I even got him to remember the ammo Saaaarge come back. How can I impress you if you aren't here. Being a leader sucks when it is only Grif I get to boss around. I already did that.


what the-




Jan. 13th, 2011 02:29 am
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The fuck.

Grif, What the fuck did you do with all my clothes you fucking cokbi-

AAAHHAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Ffffff [The audio ends in a fit of very loud laughter and the sound of clicking buttons]
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This place is just plane weird. Not as weird as the Blues.. or anything else that has happened since I joined this army, but still weird.
No sign of the Blues. The actual BLUE Blues. And I still need a job. That pays.


Not rocks or some other bullshit.

[Locked so Grif won't find it]

Still no word from Sarge. Not sure whether that is fucking awesome or not.

Until word gets back, Simmons is number 1! I could forsee a glorious future here. Sergeant Simmons.


Got a problem with checklists? )

GRIF. Stop chowing down on Twinkies and get off the fucking couch. We're not here for vacation. This is a scouting mission.

Too fucking bad for you )


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