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Why are we here?

No really, I don't see any blues here.

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Name:Private First Class Dick Simmons 2.0

Interests (106):

2.0, 42, admiration, alcohol, attention, banshees, beating up grif, being smart, being social chairman, blood gulch, brown-nosing, campaigning, celebrity gossip magz, coffee, cursing, cybernetics, cyborg rights, daddy issues, dancing, desperate housewives, discipline, drinking, dutch ireland, dutch irish, efficiency, engineering, faxing, filling voids in authority, freon, future with simmons, gasoline, getting praise, gin, giving praise, grif, grifball, guns, hacking, halo, i hate you guys, in charge of confetti, justification, kissing ass, machine guns, making fun of grif, making voids in authority, management, maroon, math, maybe a little assassination, maybe a little treason, microsoft, middle management, mongoose, negotiating surrenders, nexus, non-imaginary tanks, not blues, not doing grif's work, not dying, not loosing, not my coworkers, not spanish, now you can surrender, orders, overtime, poisoning grif, positive feedback, power, praise, presentation, programming, promotions, red, red army, red team, red vs. blue, reputation, respect, rocket launchers, rules, sarcasm, sarge, sci-fi, science, science fiction, secure passwords, shifting blame, shooting grif, shooting the blues, shotgun, simmons, spartans, sucking up, take-charge leaders, taking all the credit, teleporters, the future, the rule book, time travel, upgrades, us magazine, warthog, weapons, winning, work
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