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Why are we here? 

No I'm not talking philosophy, I really want to know why the fuck am I here?

A very good question, one Simmons himself is not sure of the answer. This isn't anywhere near the war, there is no base here, in fact he is beginning to think there aren't any blues here, either. But one thing remains true. Private First Class Simmons (2.0) is here.

What's the Plan?

So... what exactly is the plan here?

Simmons is a character from the popular web series Red vs Blue. Sarge's #2 man and the Red Team's unoffical science officer. Probably the smartest of the bunch (fuck yes). As far as the plan? Simmons will be following Sarge's orders until such time that his leader is indisposed, dead, killed or otherwise vanished in some way, potentially by an unstable Simmons. (It's time to look forward, to a future with Simmons!). As to what exactly Simmons is doing here? Probably trying to find Blues to fight. At least that's what he should be doing, but with a team like Red Team, and an enemy like Blue team, there is no telling what trouble Simmons will get into around here.

Some things you should probably know

This wasn't in the rulebook

Dick Simmons is not as stable as he once was. The guy is emotional (I heard that), he has family issues, a deep seated need for appreciation and acceptance, a bit of a superiority complex and recently he's become just a bit dangerous. Plotting to remove your superior officer and 'father-like figure' from the picture just so you can be in charge is not exactly the thought process of a stable cyborg.

Simmons 2.0 is a cyborg. Sarge replaced a lot of his parts with various scrap machinery when he needed a robot he could depend on to not be rewritten as easily as their prior robot, Lopez. He used Grif's accident as an excuse to turn Simmons into a cyborg. These spare parts include a fax machine located in a very inconvenient spot. (Grif got most of my organs, and I KNOW he isn't using them right. Ungrateful bastard. Take better care of my lungs, jackass)

There is obviously a lot more about Simmons than all this, but I think you're beginning to get the idea, am I right?
If you want to read up more on Simmons, or experience the awesomeness that is Red vs Blue, check out the first 3 links on the left side of this page.

Now on to the good stuff:


I love to plot. You can easily get in touch with me, either through AIM: TrueOrangeWolf or e-mail me at truthoforange[at]
In general I'm pretty easy going.

Want to hang out with Simmons? Ask him for some advice? He's a smart guy, he'll probably be able to help. Go shoot some stuff with him or hang out and have a drink? Why not.
Want to drag Simmons into a fight? Go for it. Beat the crap out of him? Be my guest. Call him names (Tomato Can is always good for a laugh), poke fun at his emotional scars, or in general mess with him, it's all cool with me. I always appreciate a heads up, of course, but I'm pretty easy going.

You get the picture.

Definitely contact me first though, if you are attempting to kill the guy. I need a good way to bring him back, and though it isn't rare in his canon, it's something I am reluctant to do.

I know what you're thinking, no this isn't pink. It's not even lightish red. It's maroon! I.Am.Not.Donut


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